The C.O.W.S. w/ Dr. Kamau Kambon Part I [mp3]


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The Context Of white Supremacy Online Radio Interview w/ Dr. Kamau Kambon Part I (Interviewer: Gus T Renegade)
Run time: 2:59:07
Format: mp3

  • Dr. Kamau Kambon’s background
  •  genocide/democide
  •  the system of white mind-control world terror domination
  •  issues with the term “white supremacy”
  •  all it takes is one idea
  •  every person is a system
  •  The BlackTrix: consistency in every area of activity
  •  significance of concepts
  •  Dr. Kamau Kambon’s past and current books
  •  other important books to understand the intergenerational assault on Afrikan people worldwide
  •  importance of feedback
  •  paradox
  •  focusing on a solution
  •  how not to be distracted by distractions
  •  probability
  •  DNA tracking
  •  dewhitenization
  •  white ‘people’ are the original n*gger while Black people are imitation n*ggers
  •  Charles Hamilton Houston and integration vs. desegregation
  •  being on the brink
  •  hate vs. high mathematical science
  •  unification vs one person
  •  the bell curve
  •  collaborators (quislings)
  •  systems vs. programs
  •  speech at Howard University Millions More Movement
  •  question and answer session
  •  etc.


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