Globalization: The euphemism for eurasianization/whitenization


Globalization: The euphemism for eurasianization/whitenization

In this talk, Okunini Kambon dispels the myths uncovering the mask of eurasianization/whitenization under the euphemistic term “globalization.”  On the one hand, eurasians use this as part of their continued deception to hide their culturally particular behaviors behind a fraudulent “universalism.” On the other hand, it softens the sting of defeat and domination for duped erstwhile Afrikans. Rather than bluntly telling themselves that they are blindly aping eurasians, they are able to say that they are striving for a “global standard.” Thus, the continent is re-conquered without much resistance due to the manipulation of terminology. In this talk, Okunini gives definitions, case studies, and example after example to make his case beyond any shadow of a doubt. Whether you would like to deepen your own understanding or just win an argument, purchase this video interview today for a depth of analysis not encountered elsewhere.

Duration 46 minutes, 40 seconds

24 July 2017 – Lecture Hour on Radio Univers



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