Foundations of Afrikan=Black Thought #1: Origins of Afrikan Thought/Concepts of The Person


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Understanding Afrikan Thought

Week 1: Origins of Afrikan Philosophy

Primary Reading(s): Kamalu, C. (1998). Person, Divinity and Nature. London: Karnak House., pp. 17-28.

Obenga, T. (2008). Egypt: Ancient History of African Philosophy. In K. Wiredu (Ed.), A Companion to African Philosophy. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley., pp. 31-49.

Obenga, T. (2004). African philosophy: The Pharaonic period, 2780-330 B.C. Popenguine, Senegal: Per Ankh., pp. 242-271.

Wendorf, F., & Schild, R. (1995). Nabta Playa during the Early and Middle Holocene. ANKH Revue d’Egyptologie et des Civilisations Africaines, 4., pp. 33-45.

Discussion Topics: What is Afrikan Thought? What is Afrikan Worldview? How does worldview inform thought?

Methods of Research: Sources of information on Afrikan Thought and the importance of Primary Research



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