Awon Asa ati Orisa Ile Yoruba: Yoruba Cultural Practices & Orisa


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299 Page
treatise written entirely in Yoruba about Yoruba cultural practices and
Orisa. Contains much information not available anywhere in english.
A definite MUST for anyone who is serious about not only learning the
Yoruba language but also content that is relevant to greater knowledge
of Yoruba culture and spirituality. Purchase today and take your
knowledge acquisition into your own hands!

Part 1

Lesson One: Home training and greeetings

Lesson Two: Games of Yorubaland
Moonlight games
Eye meta tolongo waye

Lesson Three: Marriage in Yorubaland
Looking for a wife
Asking for marriage
Preparations for wedding
Weddings in church
Marriage licenses
Marriages in court
Muslim weddings

Lesson Four: Taking care of pregnant women, childbirth and taking care of children
Washing the child
Taking care of belly button/umbilical cord
Facial markings
Taking care of the child

Lesson Five: Naming ceremonies
Oriki praise names
Praising the land one is from
Praise names of Ela

Lesson Seven: Children who are born to die (Abiku)

Lesson Eight: The tradition of facial markings

Lesson Nine: Beautification and jewelry

Lesson Ten: Taking care of the head and hair

Lesson Eleven: Clothing of Yorubaland

Lesson Twelve: Business and Profitmaking

Lesson Thirteen: Susu and collective business enterprise

Lesson Fourteen: Pawnage

Lesson Fifteen: It is the King who owns the land

Lesson Sixteen: Kingmaking

Lesson Seventeen: Secret societies
Sorcerers and Sorceresses

Lesson Nineteen: Wars and warriorship

Lesson Twenty: Burial and Death in Yorubaland

Lesson Twenty-One: Ancestors

Lesson Twenty-Two: Reincarnation

Lesson Twenty-Three: Yoruba thoughts about Olodumare and Orisa

Lesson Twenty-Four: Various drums of Yorubaland
Learning drumming amongst the Yoruba
Traditional rulership amongst the Yoruba
Yoruba foods
Inherited professions of Yorubaland
Woven cloth

Part 2

Orisa of Yorubaland

Lesson Twenty-Five: Ela

Lesson Twenty-Six: Obatala/Orisa-Nla

Lesson Twenty-Seven: Aginju and Yemoja

Lesson Twenty-Eight: Ifa
The Odu
Propitiation of Orunmila

Lesson Twenty-Nine: Egungun the Ancestral order

Lesson Thirty: Oro

Lesson Thirty-One: Agemo

Lesson Thirty-Two: Orisa-Oko

Lesson Thirty-Three: Orisa-Ibeji

Lesson Thirty-Four: Sango

Lesson Thirty-Five: Sonponna

Lesson Thirty-Six: Ogun

Lesson Thirty-Seven: Esu



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