Authentic Afrikan Mask from Ghana: cedar wood, copper, brass and cowries


High-value authentic Afrikan Mask: cedar wood, copper, brass and cowries

Dimensions: 4.92 ft (150 cm) x 1.27 ft (39 cm)

Handcrafted in Ghana exclusively by traditional woodcarving guild members, this mask is a one-of-a-kind commissioned piece by Abibitumi’s in-house expert carver. Made of high-quality cedar wood with real copper, brass, and cowries inlaid with fine detail, this piece would be perfect in your home, office, or any place that requires an authentic Afrikan touch.

Major themes of the mask are

  1. Gye Nyame: Abɔdeɛ santann yi firi tete: obi nte aseɛ a ɔnim n’ahyɛaseɛ; na obi rentena ase kɔsi n’awieeɛ, gye Nyame. — The procession of creation is from time immemorial: no one lives who knows its beginning; and no one will live to see its end, except Nyame.
  2. Sankɔfa: Sɛ wo werɛ firi na wosan kɔfa a, yɛnkyi — If you forget and go back and take it, we don’t taboo it.

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