ALL Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon’s X-Live FM Interviews [Complete SET] Exclusive!!!


X-Live Interview: Kemet, Plagiarized “Holy” Texts, and what Israel was in Relation to Black People

X-Live Interview: Afrikan Texts, Concepts and Creation Stories

X-Live Interview: The Negative Effects of the white image of jesus on the Afrikan=Black person

X-Live FM Interview: Complementary and Diametric Opposites

X-Live FM Interview: Afrikan=Black Women in Antiquity

X-Live FM Interview: Libya’s Enslavement of Afrikan=Black People in Perspective

X-Live Phone Interview on “pagan” origins of christmas

Dr. Obadele Kambon X-Live Interview: 1804, Haiti and Launch

X-Live Interview: Biblical Plagiarism, The Great Year and Astrological Ages

X-Live FM: The Equal Sign Will Kill Our People

X-Live FM: Dr. Ọbádélé Kambon: On Reincarnation

X-Live Interview: Name Registry and united snakkkes military base in Ghana

X-Live: Dr. Ọbádélé Kambon on National Cathedral, VW Plant, & Abibifahodie Education

X-Live – More Biblical Plagiarism from Kemetic Texts

Mutabaruka Interviews Dr. Ọbádélé Kambon on “400 years” and Year of Return

XLive FM Interview – On Maat & Afrikan=Black Rulers with the Power to Enforce It HD
Oct 23, 2017

XLive FM Interview – On the Significance of Afrikan=Black Names

XLive FM Interview – Afrikan=Black Concept of the Person as Multiple Selves

The Miseducation and Diseducation of the African: X-Live Africa “Wake up Africa” Interview


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